Mission Statement

‘Our school strives to promote the spiritual, physical and emotional development of young people within a Catholic community, whilst empowering them to become independent learners within the framework of traditional, current and future technologies’

All governors of a Catholic school have the duty to ensure that the school is conducted in accordance with these common purposes and values which are reflected in the school mission statement. Foundation governors are legally responsible for ensuring that the distinctive nature of a Catholic education is preserved and developed.
(from ‘Governing a Catholic School’ published by the Catholic Education Service)

Our mission Statement is the guiding light for all the work we do in our school.

“St Peter’s is a Catholic school where all the members of our community are valued and encouraged to bear witness to the Catholic faith in their work and relationships. We believe strongly in equal treatment for all irrespective of race, background or cultural differences.”

As a community we strive to:

•Achieve excellence in all aspects of our life and work.

•Foster the spiritual growth of each member of our community.

•Create a happy and successful learning environment for each child.

•Develop the full potential of each individual.

•Prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.