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Ofsted Monitoring Visit

Ofsted Monitoring Visit


8 January 2018

Dear Parent /Carer,

As you were informed last term, in December St Peter’s was subject to its first monitoring inspection from OFSTED. The visit successfully acknowledged the journey of rapid change that we have all been on and the academy was judged to be 'making effective progress towards the removal of Special Measures.'

We would like to take this opportunity draw your attention to some of the key messages highlighted in the report about the hard work of teachers and leaders to provide quality experiences for your children:

‘Since the previous inspection, there have been several necessary changes in staffing at all levels, including middle and senior leadership.’

‘The Headteacher has worked tirelessly to ensure that the pace of change and improvement is appropriate and measured. Her decisive, strategic actions and resolute commitment to improving the quality of education and life chances for all pupils are beginning to have a positive impact. The Headteacher is grateful for, and is welcoming of, the support that both pupils and parents have given her since her appointment in September 2016.

Most notably, changes at senior leadership level are having a positive impact, as this term two new vice-principals took up post. There is now greater clarity to senior leaders’ roles and responsibilities. This much smaller, focused senior leadership team is providing much-needed stability to the school and together they have a clear vision for improvement.’

‘Pupils commented positively on the difference the Headteacher has made since her appointment. Pupils are aware of her high expectations. Pupils are grateful to their teachers and their efforts to help them achieve well.’

‘Senior leaders’ sharper focus on improving the quality of teaching and outcomes for pupils demonstrates that the school is without a doubt on a journey of improvement.’

‘Leaders’ recent introduction of a new behaviour policy is continuing to embed more consistent and rigorous expectations across the school so that learning is maximised.’

The full report from this visit is now available online and a link to it can be found on our website. We have also sent you a link via our text messaging service.

Inspectors were very confident that the strategic improvement plan written by leaders is fit for purpose and that the leadership of the academy are clear about what must be done to ensure that the changes are embedded consistently.

As mentioned in her end of term letter in December, Mrs Hammond would like to offer you the opportunity to attend one of two parent forum meetings to explain and answer questions about the report and the inspection process. These will take place at St Peter’s on Thursday 11 January at 17:30-18:30 and Friday 12 January at 14.00-15.00. We would encourage you to attend if you able too.

St Peter's will have further visits from OFSTED every term for 18 months in order to ensure our improvements are rapid and also sustained in the longer term. You will continue to be notified as they occur.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers and loyalty to St Peter’s. We remain heavily oversubscribed and are excited about our plans for your children’s education.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs J Miller
Chair of Board of Directors

Mrs J Edmends
Chair of Local Management Board
St Oswald’s Multi-Academy Trust- St Peter’s C V A

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