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Our First Year - Student Profile

Our First Year - Student Profile


This term we caught up with four current students from our Class of 2021 (Year 8) – Charlie Ewart, Katelyn Hutchinson, Serena Disalvo and Callum Leigh Hemsworth – to see how their first year at St Peter’s Academy went.

How did you all find settling in to St Peter’s Academy and transitioning from primary school?

CE: At the start it was nerve-wracking, going from being at the top of primary school to being the youngest again is daunting, but learning new things and meeting new people is so exciting. It is so much better than I had expected it to be.

CLH: I was home-schooled before I came here. Can you imagine coming from being at home, to an academy with 400 different people who you don’t know? I was nervous to start with, but now I have made friends for life and I’m really enjoying the academy experience.

What advice would you give the new Year 7s who have just started?

KH: If you have any concerns or worries, speak to a teacher; they are always on hand to offer support and want to give students the best experience possible.

CLH: Any setbacks you face, you should just see them as an exciting challenge and a chance to get better – that’s what my dad says! There is nothing you can’t achieve.

What is your favourite thing about St. Peter’s?

CE: My absolute favourite thing is that although we are not the richest area or academy, we still have a rich education and there are plenty of opportunities available to everyone.

SD: Making friends and amazing lessons. I love my Food Technology lessons because you get to make something from nothing, and sometimes you get to eat it too!

What do you want to do when you leave St. Peter’s?

CE: My favourite subject is product design because it’s so useful and so practical. I want to go to college and then study engineering at university to succeed in the construction industry.

KH : I think I would like to be an animator or a voice actor. I hope that choosing my GCSE options soon, including drama, will open my eyes to all of the opportunities.

CLH: I want to go to college and then university to study computing. In the future I want to do one of three things - join the army, like my dad, or go into computing or animation.

SD: I want to go to college and do catering, as it is my favourite subject and I think I’d be great at it.

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