School Uniform

Students MUST wear:

  • Black blazer with school badge (available to order through school)
  • Black school trousers/black skirt (length just above or on the knee)

(NO leggings/jegging/slim leg type trousers)

  • Plain white shirt
  • School tie
  • Black jumper with school badge can be worn if desired.
  • Black shoes (no coloured markings or motiifs)

Pupils must NOT wear the following:

  • Trainers
  • Make-up/fake tan (however minimal makeup is allowed).
  • Extreme hair colour/cuts (including tram lines)
  • Baseball caps
  • Jewellery – plain ear studs are allowed and a watch
  • Nail enhancements i.e. false nails, nail varnish or nail art is not permitted

Pupils are permitted to carry mobile phones with them to and from school but they must be switched off and placed in lockers all day.

MP3 players etc or head phones are NOT permitted.

Blazers with badges can be ordered through school.
Black school jumpers with badges can be ordered through school
Ties can be purchased from Ross’
Trousers and shirts can be purchased at any clothing store.  Please beware – tight leg trousers and extra short skirts are NOT permitted.


PE Uniform

  • Purple polo shirt with school logo (must be ordered through Motif8)
  • Black shorts and socks
  • Black hoody with logo (must be ordered through school)
  • Black joggers (plain no logo)
  • Trainers
  • Football boots/shin pads for football and rugby.

Plain or other shirts/hoodies with commercial logos are NOT allowed.



Hair should not be cut in extreme ways e.g. no tramlines and hair colour must be of normal colour, not pink, purple, etc.