School Uniform

Our mission is to provide a first-class standard of education for every student who attends St Peter’s, regardless of their background.

This means rapidly embedding the highest expectations in every aspect of academy life both in and out of the classroom.

Governors and leaders at the academy are committed to ensuring that all students have equal access to a range of experiences, regardless of their financial circumstances.

This year we have funded items of school uniform and PE kit for a number of students, as well as private tuition in Maths, theatre trips and places on our annual trip to Lourdes in France.

We recognise the importance and impact of high quality classroom experiences as well as after school clubs and visits. As such, it is our intention to extend our financial support for uniform and school trips in the coming academic year to include further private tuition in targeted subjects, funded sports coaching and music tuition for individuals and groups of students. Financial support is always offered by the academy as appropriate to the needs of the family and we encourage any parent with concerns to contact the academy directly.

St Peter’s remains a heavily oversubscribed academy. We are grateful for the loyalty and high level of support that the vast majority of parents have shown for the rise in expectations, including those in relation to uniform, since the publication of our recent Ofsted report. We welcome ongoing feedback and dialogue with parents about the standard of education their child receives in class. One thing that is very clear to us is that many parents share our aspirations for their children’s futures and believe, as we do, that their children deserve nothing but the best in terms of an all-round education.

Expectations from September 2017

Students must wear blazers at all times around the academy corridors and during line up. The blazer may be removed in class, in the dining hall and outside at breaktimes. This expectation also applies to all staff in our community. No other jackets/hoodies worn in conjunction with a blazer are acceptable. The black academy jumper is not compulsory.

Mobile phones should be switched off and in students’ bags or lockers. They are not to be seen in student’s pockets. This will be strictly enforced.

Students who have had recent piercings will be asked to remove the piercing on the grounds of health and safety. The academy specifically requests that Parents/Carers do not put us in the position of having to ask students to remove piercings, which have been made during term time. Plastic posts are also not acceptable.

All students are expected to wear full PE kit for every PE lesson even if they are not taking full part in the lesson.

If students or parents/carers have any doubts about the acceptability of clothing, hairstyles or jewellery please contact the academy in advance. We would rather provide advice than be faced with a potential problem after an action has been taken.

St Peter’s aims to support every family in meeting the revised expectations for uniform. We recognise that some students already wear formal trousers and knee length formal skirts that they will not yet have grown out of. Therefore, we will accept formal skirts and trousers that meet our expectations during the Autumn term and ask that all new skirts and trousers are purchased through our supplier. From January 2018 we will expect all students to wear the skirts and trousers from our supplier.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school should you require financial support in purchasing new uniform items and to have any questions clarified.


Trousers with academy logo

Available from: Ross’s LTD, 45 Borough Road,  Middlesbrough. 01642 246150
Open Monday – Saturday, 09:00 – 17:00
Plain black formal school trousers with a width of 17cm or 34 cm circumference are acceptable until the end of the Autumn term

Not acceptable

  • Skinny jeans/trousers/leggings/jeggings are not allowed
  • Elastane/stretchy fitted trousers are not allowed
  • Any other form of trousers is not allowed from then end of the Autumn Term


Skirts with academy logo

Available from: Ross’s LTD, 45 Borough Road, Middlesbrough. 01642 246150
Open Monday – Saturday, 09:00 – 17:00
Plain black pleated formal school skirts worn on the knee are acceptable until the end of the Autumn Term

Not Acceptable

  • Elastane/stretchy fitted skirts are not allowed
  • Skirts above or below the knee are not allowed
  • Any other form of skirt is not allowed


Shirts and Blouses

These can purchased from most places such Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc.

  • A plain white shirt, which must have a fastening top button and full collar
  • All garments worn under blouses/shirts must also be white
  • Must be tucked into skirt or trousers



Available from: Ross’s LTD, 45 Borough Road, Middlesbrough, 01642 246150
Open Monday – Saturday,  09:00 – 17:00

  • Must be worn covering the top button of the shirt collar and down to the waistband of the trousers or skirt.


PE Uniform

Available from: 01274 724455

  • orange Nike T-shirt
  • black shorts
  • plain black sports socks
  • optional hoodie
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms may be worn in place of shorts (no logo)
  • Students may continue to wear their current purple polo shirt and black shorts until they need replacing
  • Students are expected to bring trainers for all lessons, or football boots when requested by the PE department
  • Students are required to change for PE even if they are not fully participating for medical reasons

Not Acceptable

  • No plimsolls or other leisure shoes are appropriate for P.E.
  • We discourage the purchase of highly expensive trainers for P.E. This places pressure on students to compete with their peers on matters of fashion. In addition, we cannot accept responsibility for the loss of such items.



No jewellery of any form is allowed



  • Conventional analogue and digital watches are acceptable

Not Acceptable

  • Watches with additional features including internet access, such as Apple and iWatches are not acceptable as they are treated under the mobile phones rule


Coats/Hoodies/Other Outdoor Clothing

Not Acceptable

  • Must not be worn anywhere inside the academy building they must be removed outside for lining up (other than in poor weather)


Tights and socks

  • Tights should be plain black at least 40 denier
  • Black socks may be worn up to the knee

Not Acceptable

  • Other colours or patterned tights are not permitted
  • Over the knee socks are not permitted



  • Low heeled formal black shoes, without logo
  • Shoes by Kickers are acceptable

Not Acceptable

  • Trainers, plimsolls or any form of canvas shoe are not acceptable.
  • Boots are not acceptable including Dr Martens, UGG or Kickers Boots


Make up & Beauty Treatments

No makeup of any kind is allowed

False nails or false eyelashes are not allowed



  • All hair reaching shoulder length must be tied up into one ponytail, one bun or one / two plaits worn to the rear of the head.
  • Black/brown bobbles are allowed
  • Plain hair grips or plain black/brown/white headbands are allowed

Not Acceptable

  • No patterns or designs shaven into head
  • Hair dye in unnatural colours and other treatments of this nature are not allowed
  • Other colours of bobble or hairband are not allowed
  • No pattern slides or fashion hair items are allowed


Special Consideration

  • Items worn because of religious beliefs e.g. hijab must be plain black with a plain pin. Please enquire to the Headteacher about other queries of this nature

Not Acceptable

  • No decorative pins are allowed