Teaching & Support Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Mrs Z Hammond Headteacher
Ms K O’Donnell Vice Principal – Learning & Progress
Miss L Smith Vice Principal – Learning & Teaching
Wider Leadership Team
Mrs H Loughlin Associate Vice Principal – Learning & Support
Mr S Bell Associate Vice Principal – Learning & Entitlement
Mrs K Rafferty Associate Vice Principal – Learning & Progress
Miss V Weatherburn Specialist Leader of Education – English
Miss N Reed Specialist Leader of Education – Mathematics
Miss K Hall Personal Assistant to Headteacher
Teaching Team
Mr T Appleby Director of Science
Mrs J Allonby Transition
Mrs J Barron Teacher of Religious Education
Mrs B Baughan 2 i/c English
Mr K Chotalia Teacher of Mathematics
Mr C Conroy Teacher of Mathematics
Ms N Dawson Teacher of Mathematics & Computing
Mrs L Durkin Teacher of MFL
Mrs A Elvin Teacher of Science
Mr M Fenney Lead Teacher – Computing
Miss S Friend Teacher of Mathematics
Ms J Gibson Lead Teacher – Art
Mrs G Gill Lead Teacher – Product Design / Year 11 Director of Progress
Miss A Glanville Director of Religious Education and Catholic Life of the Academy
Miss H Grayson Teacher of English
Mrs R Hardy Teacher of Science
Mrs C Hart Lead Teacher – Catering
Mrs M Harvey Teacher of Mathematics
Mr D Hawkins Lead Teacher – Music / Year 7 & 8 Director of Progress
Mr L Healy Teacher of English
Mrs A Henderson 2 i/c Religious Education
Miss K Jamison Teacher of Physical Education / Year 9 & 10 Director of Progress
Miss J Lyons Teacher of English
Mrs G Mason Teacher of Science
Mr S Monan Director of Physical Education
Ms C Rothschild Teacher of English
Mr A Tate Teacher of Mathematics
Miss L Temple Director of English
Miss C Trainor Lead Teacher – Geography
Mr J Walton Lead Teacher – History
Mrs F Welford Teacher of Science
Miss L White Teacher of Science
Mr D Wilson Teacher of Physical Education / Sports Coordinator
Mrs J Woods Lead Teacher – MFL
Support Team
Miss R Alstead Learning Support Advisor
Miss M Barker Finance Officer
Mrs J Beckley Technician
Mrs J Benson Attendance & Early Intervention Manager
Mrs L Best Cleaner
Mr C Bowstead Site Manager
Mrs J Brereton Cleaner
Mr J Clancey Site Manager
Mrs C Cooke Cleaner
Mrs T Cramphorn Learning & Support Administrator
Mrs J Dales Cleaner
Miss N Hall Learning Support Advisor
Mrs J Herbert Data & Examinations Officer
Mr A Holian ICT Technician
Mrs J Hutchinson Entitlement Officer
Mr J Hutchinson Family Liaison Officer
Mrs C Ibanez Martinez Cover Supervisor
Mr D Jackson ICT Manager
Mrs J Jones Cleaner
Mrs E Long Technician
Mrs D Mackay Lead Learning Advisor – KS4
Mr D Mackin Music Coordinator
Mrs A McIntosh Learning Support Advisor
Mrs M McNeil Cleaner
Ms S Molyneux Learning Support Advisor
Mrs J M Myers Office Manager
Mrs E Nicholson Learning Resource Coordinator
Mrs R Newton Attendance & Administration
Mr N Potter ICT Technician
Mrs R Potts Learning Support Advisor
Mrs K Robinson Administration
Mrs J Robinson Learning Support Advisor
Mrs J Robinson Cleaner
Mrs D Schneider Learning Support Advisor
Mrs J Shepherd Learning Support Advisor
Miss R Small Lead Learning Advisor – KS3
Mrs A Smith Technician
Mrs S White Cleaning Supervisor